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PF / ESI / Labour License

Why PF Registration

PF registration is mandatory for all establishments with 20 or more persons. Some establishments having less than 20 employees would also be required to obtain PF registration. All employee become eligible for a PF right from the commencement of employment and the onus of deduction & payment of PF is with the employer. The 12% rate of PF contribution should be equally divided between the employee and employer. If the establishment houses less than 20 employees, the rate for PF deduction is 10%. Documents for PF Registration Based on the type of entity seeking PF registration, the list of documents required for PF registration would vary as under: For Proprietorships

  • • Name of the applicant
  • • Pan card of proprietor
  • • Id proof of the proprietor like Driving license/Passport/Election Card
  • • Address proof of proprietor.
  • • Address proof for the business location.
  • • Complete details of the applicant with their residential address and telephone number For Partnership Firms / LLP / Company
  • • Name of the partnership firm or LLP or Company
  • • Certificate of Registration Firms in case of Partnership firm. Incorporation Certificate in case of LLP or Company.
  • • Partnership deed in case of partnership firms or LLP.
  • • Id proof of Partners –Pan card /Election Card / Passport/Driving license in case of Partnership Firm or LLP. ID proof of Directors in case of company.
  • • List of all partners with telephone number and address proof of all partners in case of Partnership Firm or LLP. List of all Directors with contact details in case of Company.

Why ESI Registration :

ESI applicability and coverage criteria ESI applicability criteria as per the ESI act is that any employee whose gross salary is upto Rs. 21000 can avail this by the help of the employer. Also, it is mandatory for the employees, labour workers etc having gross salary upto Rs.21000 under such type of industrial unit where 50% to 90% injury or health cause is during company premises. ESI contribution by the employee is 1.75% and 4.75% by the employer.

According to a notification of the ESI Act, the following entities are eligible for ESI registration:

Digital Signature Certificates (DSC) are the digital equivalent (that is electronic format) of physical or paper certificates. Few Examples of physical certificates are drivers' licenses, passports or membership cards. Certificates serve as proof of identity of an individual for a certain purpose; for example, a driver's license identifies someone who can legally drive in a particular country. Likewise, a digital certificate can be presented electronically to prove one’s identity, to access information or services on the Internet or to sign certain documents digitally. What is the process of obtaining DSC from Certifying Authority?

• Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) Applicants can directly approach Certifying Authorities (CAs) with original supporting documents, and self-attested copies will be sufficient in this case

• DSCs can also be obtained, wherever offered by CA, using Aadhar eKYC based authentication, and supporting documents are not required in this case

• A letter/certificate issued by a Bank containing the DSC applicant’s information as retained in the Bank database can be accepted. Such letter/certificate should be certified by the Bank Manager.